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Anne Hutchinson and Mary Dyer

Anne Hutchinson, labeled the "American Jezebel", was the first to protest against religious intolerance in the New world. In the new colony of Massachusetts, governed by the Puritan religious leaders, she held weekly Bible studies and taught a "doctrine of grace" instead of good works, which angered the Puritans. She was put on trial for maligning the church and troubling the peace of the Commonwealth, and was told that she had "stept out of her place", out of the sphere of endeavors allowed to women. The authorities saw her female insubordination as a dangerous and heretical threat, and banished her from the colony. She is portrayed in the sculpture as pregnant because she had 9 children!

Anne's friend, Mary Dyer, joined the new Quaker movement, and was also banished as Boston enacted laws forbidding Quakers from entering the city. Mary returned to Boston many times on missions of mercy to imprisoned Quakers, and to fight against the intolerant laws which restricted religious freedom. She spoke of "a fire in my soul" which drove her to continue this work. after being arrested several times, she was finally hanged on Boston Common in 1660.

20" x 16" x 14"
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